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Hair Relaxer H8A1101

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Place of Origin: China
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Classification: Health & Beauty - Hair Products
Product Descpription:

ShangHai YongSheng International Co., Ltd.
An OEM ODM Private Labels of Buying Office / Agency // Suppliers / Mfr of Cosmetics, Hair Care, Body Care, Skin Care, Hair Relaxer, Hair Straightener, Foundation, Food, Food Machinery, Energy Drinks, Tomato Paste, Canned Food, Wines, Zory, Zori, FlipFlops, Flip Flop, Sandals, Slippers, Vulcanized Shoes... in China.
Also our own WISE BULL Energy Drink contains exactly same energy and vitamin components and same functionality as Red Bull made in China.
This WISE BULL with delicious flavor blends that help stimulate the mind and the body. Moreover it is an ideal stimulus for getting the party going, boosting the urge to head out to the gym or even being “on” during that big meeting at work.
An ODM OEM slipper/sandal/flipflops/zory manufacturer/factory in Fujian China.
We specialize in the design, development and production of private label and name brand slippers sandals and/or flip flops.
MARK K HSU +86-21-31268287
yongsheng. mark@gmail. com
http://markhsu. bloombiz. com/
http://markhsu. diytrade. com/

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